Anne James - Pilates Trainer (Level 3)

Employed at CSC since June 2008. Bachelor of Fine Arts and BS in Special Education.  AFAA (Aerobics), ACE (Personal Training) PMA (Pilates), TRX, Balance Body (Pilates) and Johnny G Spinning certifications.

Enjoys travel, the arts and the outdoors.

Fitness Tip: Always include strength, cardio and nutrition into your fitness program.

Training Philosophy: Specialies in integrated training - bring all types of fitness techniques together to fit individual goals and needs.  Train the whole person and help them become their personal best.

527-4001, Ext. 137

513-658-1154 Cell

Emily Ratto - Pilates Trainer (Level 3)

Employed at CSC since August 2010. BA in liberal arts. Certifications: Pendleton Pilates (Pilates), Balanced Body (Pilates), certified Piloxing instructor, Health & Nutrition Coach (IIN), Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (AADP) and TRX.

Enjoys studying anatomy and physiology, nutrition, and integrative medicine.

Training Philosophy: Exercise is the spark, nutrition is the fuel, without both, there can be no flame.

527-4001, Ext. 322

513-702-4919 Cell

Angie Eynon - Pilates Trainer (Level 2)

Employed at CSC since 1992. Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and M.Ed.  AFAA (Aerobics), ACE (Personal Training), Balance Body (Pilates) and White Cloud (Pilates) certifications.

Enjoys reading, writing, studying history and literature.  Learning more about health and fitness particularly integrative medicine.

Fitness Tip: Pain equals no gain- stretching is the first step toward pain relief.  Mind-Body Fusion while performing any exercise will yield great returns.

Training Philosphy: Discover your personal needs, set goals accordingly, be consistent, and never give up.

527-4001, Ext. 217.

513-607-5950 Cell

Katie Kline - Pilates Trainer (Level 2)

Employed at CSC since January 2013. Balanced Body (Pilates); YogaFit; AFAA Personal Trainer; ACE Group Fitness certifications.

Enjoys spending time with family and friends

Training Philosophy:  Continually strive to balance your workouts with a healthy diet to achieve success.

527-4001, Ext. 309.

Kim Treadway - Pilates Trainer (Level 2)

Employed at CSC since 1992.  AFAA (Aerobics), White Cloud (Pilates). 20 years experience teaching group fitness classes including 9+ years specializing in Pilates Reformer and Mat.

Fitness Tip: Keep your workout program equally blended with cardio, strength training and stretching. Don't sabotage your efforts with a poor diet.

Training Philosophy: Be in tune with your body, challenge yourself, integrate new ideas, and strive to reach realistic goals.

527-4001, Ext. 333

Lynda Wilisch - Pilates Trainer (Level 2)

Employed at CSC since 2002. Certifications:  PhysicalMind Institute (Pilates), White Cloud Studios (Pilates), and Balanced Body University (Pilates), YMCA Fitness Specialist Certified (Body Comp & Assessment), ACE (Group Fitness), YMCA Healthy Back Certified (fitness).

Enjoys The Arts, movies, reading.

Fitness Tip:  Learn the importance of contraction, core strength and how to move your muscles properly without all that tension!

Training Philosophy:  Teaches all body types or levels & how to work with limitations using the Pilates method.  Learn to strengthen the muscles surrounding your joints as well as the larger muscles for better posture & fitness. 

527-4001, Ext. 223