Cincinnati Barre Fitness Classes

Ballet becomes the guiding inspiration behind exercise with Barre fitness at Cincinnati Sports Club.

Raising the Barre

Barre pushes the elegance of dance form against the demands of a full-body workout, using the bar to stabilize our movements and swinging postures to build balance.

Getting Started

Barre classes work wonders for toning the rear muscles, abdominals, things, and general posture – the core elements of a beautiful dancer. You’ll develop a lean results and a love for artistic exercise, but make no mistake: this softer side of fitness will challenge you to the core.

Our Barre fitness classes include the following, click here to see a full schedule:

  • Barre. This workout will tone your seat, abs, and limbs to produce the body of a dancer.

  • Barre Circuit. Thing of this like a normal Barre class, but with weights for added difficulty.

  • Barre Sculpt. This is a high-intensity 20/20/20 class. The first 20 is weight training; the second moves to the Barre; and the third finishes with a core workout on the floor.

Elevated Convenience

The CSC is one of Cincinnati’s only fitness destinations that offers Barre fitness, and the best that offers high-quality workouts like this under one roof. Registration is not required for members, so come to as many classes as you can, and be sure to try out Zumba, Pilates (hyperlink), Kickboxing, and Spinning (hyperlink) to see how you can supplement your workout.

Click here for the full schedule; our class calendar is built with variety in mind, with more than 100 options to choose from each week.

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