Coerver Soccer School

The Coerver Coaching class with Charlie Cooke is the best place to build fantastic ability on the soccer field.

It’s a skill school designed specifically for ages 5-16, focused on individual skill development and small group play.

Goals of the Program

Coerver Soccer School grooms skilled, confident and creative players. Professionally designed programs make the game fun to practice and play, teaching good sportsmanship and respect for both the game and other athletes. It teaches players to value winning -- but not more than character and performance -- in a safe and educational experience that meets best-practice criteria.

What Will You Learn?

Each session of soccer school focuses on helping players improve their skills for every position and ability. We work on ball mastery, receiving and passing, 1-on-1 moves, speed, finishes, and group attack. Players will become quicker with and without the ball, learning to become excellent individual athletes and proficient, collaborative teammates.

Who is Charlie Cook?

A native of Scotland, Cooke played in Chelsea’s English League Cup Final. He also was a part of the European Cup Winners Cup win against Real Madrid in Athens in 1971. Cooke, director of Coerver Coaching USA and the Charlie Cooke Soccer School, runs clinics and coaches Cincinnati Sports Club students.

Getting Started

Soccer training is offered on the indoor athletic field through Coerver Soccer School year round. The program offers a variety of services in the fall, winter and spring and summer camps. If you have question about our program, please contact our office at 513-321-5078 or visit the Coerver website for more information.

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