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The wonderful part of the Cincinnati Sports Club, unlike any other facility, is that we offer numerous services to inspire your employees to become involved in an active lifestyle, from health screenings to assessments and orientations to start their exercise routine in the right direction.  From basketball leagues to catered events, the Club is unique to each and every business and their needs.

We know our members and your employees will feel more comfortable:
* being surrounded by people they feel to be like themselves
* working out at their convenience
* relieving stress away from their workplace
* exercising at their own pace
* having a multitude of active options

We have found that other companies in the neighborhood have had great success with employee fitness programs - the employees enjoy the benefit while the company enjoys the benefits of health employees - more productive, more energy, less sick time, and most importantly happier employees.

The comforts of the Cincinnati Sports Club will allow your employees to:
* escape from the stress of the work environment
* enjoy the privacy of smaller workout areas and individual changing rooms

Cincinnati Sports Club

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