Environmental Consciousness

At the Cincinnati Sports Club, we strive to be know as positive, supportive champions of the environment. Every effort is an opportunity to set a standard for mindful practice, a chance to make a positive difference.

Our efforts include waste and energy conservation programs, recycling, and maintaining an environmentally sensitive atmosphere through responsible facility operations and employee relations. And it all begins before anyone even sets foot in the door.

Our exterior lights harvest daylight to conserve electricity, and are set on a timer for peak efficiency. The White Roof System is a ridged roof for reflectivity and runoff, and includes skylights so we can illuminate the Club with natural sunlight throughout the day. The splash pad uses recycled water through the summer, and the outdoor pool utilizes a special stabilizer to reduce chlorine use. Our outdoor garden is used to grow and harvest vegetables for meals served at Market Café, and we planted more than 100 new trees across our 15-acre grounds in 2017, in accordance with our native indigenous horticultural plan.

Inside, the interior LED lights harvest daylight for efficiency, and are set to motion detection for additional energy conservation. We installed two saltwater pools to reduce expenditure on chlorine and chemical upkeep, and one of those pools uses a high-efficiency heater for warmth. Our bathrooms and locker rooms feature waterless urinals and low-volume showerheads, and the tile in the private changing rooms is made from recycled materials.

The entire Club facility recycles paper, cardboard and plastic cans, but our towel service has the biggest positive impact on our local environment. We recycle the old towels for secondary use, and donate slightly used towels as rag towels to various charities; the Prospect House is one recipient, which assists with the recovery of drug and alcohol addicts, while the Mary Magdalene House is another, which provides a place to shower for the city’s homeless population. As our membership grows and technology advances to allow additional environmentally conscious implementations, our management team will continue to work hard to ensure that our facility and operations maintain a high standard efficiency to protect the planet. After all – it’s the only one we have.

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