Cincinnati Weight Loss Program

Cincinnati Sports Club has partnered with HMR Weight Management to offer a program that provides significant weight loss outcomes.


HMR Weight Management Services (HMR), a subsidiary of Merck, is a national company specializing in weight loss and weight management. HMR Programs combine a structured diet, physical activity, and behavioral lifestyle-change coaching designed to help people lose weight while learning the skills they need to keep it off. HMR programs are available at the Club, or as an at-home option.

Learn about the program, sample products, and ask questions. Attend a no-obligation information session, offered weekly on Mondays at 12pm or Tuesdays at 6pm. 

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  • HMR Healthy Solutions
    • Healthy Solutions is a quick-solution weight loss program at the CSC designed to give you control over your life. Healthy Solutions Is a three pronged approach to success and comprises of Food, Coaching and Maintenance. It's helped its first group of participants lose more than 180 collective pounds in their first four weeks! The average weight loss of participants in the Healthy Solutions program is 29 pounds in 12 weeks, and 52 pounds in 26 weeks. Phase One is about 13 weeks long, and involves a 75-minute class once a week to manage progress. With weekly attendance, daily recorded data, consistent physical activity and regimented meal replacements, we can reach your goals, together.

  • HMR Food
    • Healthy Solutions uses a simple 3+2+5 structure. Each day, you’ll eat a minimum of 3 HMR Shakes, 2 HMR Entrees, and 5 servings of fruits and vegetables. This system allows you to take a break from your current eating habits to focus on losing weight while always giving you the option to eat more if you feel hungry..

  • HMR Coaching
    • Losing weight takes more than willpower. That’s why you’re encouraged to take advantage of the expert coaching included with this plan. HMR health coaches host weekly 50 minute group coaching sessions by phone. They provide accountability and personalized advice for things like planning your meals, getting physical activity, and dealing with challenging food environments.

  • HMR Maintenance
    • This program is designed with long-term weight maintenance in mind. You can’t diet forever, and we don’t want you to. That’s why we put such a strong focus on discovering the strategies that work best for you. After the weight is gone, we want you to keep it off by using the healthier eating, physical activity, and environmental control skills you picked up along the way.

For more information about HMR at the Club, email program coordinator Kelsey Garrison or call 513-527-1918. You are also invited to visit HMR's website directly for more details. 

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