Schedule of Events for Saturday, November 10

Come See What’s Changed

The only thing constant in life is change. That’s never been more true at the Cincinnati Sports Club than it is today, and we’d love to share that with you.  Join us on Saturday, November 10th from 10am-2pm for the new Novemberfest, our open house and alumni Homecoming (free to attend). This event has grown as much as we have over the years; the day is filled with demonstrations, tours, and parties to showcase the best parts of our 16-acre campus and give the community a chance to find something they love with no frills or obligations. 

A Better Lifestyle Destination 

The Club has grown by leaps and bounds as part of our Vision 2025 plan. We are home to more than 7 different indoor and outdoor court sports, over 100 different group classes and expanded indoor-outdoor fitness suites, many of which will be available as tours and 20-minute demos to try on-the-fly at Novemberfest. 


Resting, Relaxing, & Reconnecting

The event will also feature health and wellness screenings, a curated lunch tasting event, services from Tonics, local merchandise, and more. It’s also chance to see the many functional and cosmetic upgrades we’ve made to the facility. There will be lounges across the Club to reconnect with instructors, staff, and friends, or to meet new ones as you go. 

For more information, please call the Club at 513-527-4000 and ask to speak with a member consultant. 

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