Club Vision

The Cincinnati Sports Club is dedicated to creating a holistic, engaging experience you can make your own, and our Club Vision 2025 is the master plan to make it happen.

Empowered by feedback from our members and professional advisory boards, the Club Vision 2025 is the driving force behind a new indoor warm-water pool, a redesigned group fitness suite, additional parking, outdoor facility expansions, and more. Click below to view the blueprints for all improvements, and the timeline of completed activities.

The Club continually reinvests to provide members with an ever-changing facility.  We accomplish this by our local and private owners matching every membership initiation dollar and reinvesting in the Club on an annual basis.

The Club Vision 2025 Plans are now available to view.

Master Plan 1st Floor Phase 1

Master Plan 1st Floor Phase 2

Master Plan 2nd Floor

Outdoor Site Plan

We cannot thank you enough for your continued support, and we promise that we will continue to work towards a more enjoyable, enriching experience that helps you meet your goals and enjoy yourself along the way.

Cincinnati Sports Club

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